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At North Shore Pro-Active Health, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic wellness care to our patients.

Since treating with Pro-Active Health my recurring occupational headaches have reduced by half! As my treatment tampered off, my headaches have not worsened – largely in part due to the at home exercises their knowledgable staff thought me. Treatment with Pro-Active health has been the only treatment in the past three years which has produced tangible results – and I have tried it all. Dr. Jordan, Dr. Jade (and their staff) are very easy to talk to, work with, are accommodating with their schedules, and take the time to customize a treatment plan that’s right for you. I highly recommend calling in to schedule a consultation!

Nick C, February 2016

I’ve been going to NSPAH for a couple of months now for an issue with my piriformis and pain in my hip/side/IT band.  During this time I also experienced a pinch/kink in my neck.  Drs. Jordan and Jade, along with their wonderful staff (Taunya at reception, Kristen and Katie for PT and Leah for massage therapy) are all fantastic and tremendously knowledgeable.  Not only are they all very friendly and welcoming, they take great notes so that whomever is treating you is up to speed on how you were feeling during the previous visit so the treatment methods move forward.  Through multiple methods, adjustments, PT, cold laser, percussor, and massage therapy, I am finally starting to feel better after living with this pain for over a year.  And while pain management is of primary importance, realigning your body, retraining and strengthening the muscles to avoid repeated injury are the ultimate goal.  I highly recommend this practice to anyone!

Marianne S, January 2016

I cannot say enough about the entire staff at NSPAH. Always friendly, more than educated. They have helped me with shoulders, pinched nerves and plantar fasciitis! Dr Jade and Dr Jordan are top notch in their field. I will not have any other chiropractor.

Laura T, September 2015

Dr. Jordan and Dr. Jade are AWESOME! I found them online approximately 2 years ago and have been back to see them multiple times. The staff at North Shore Pro-Active Health bend over backwards to take care of their patients- everyone is greeted with a smile and all of the patients leave with a smile. Your overall wellbeing and satisfaction is a true priority for them. I will continue to turn to them with my chiropractic needs. When I move to a new duty station- I hope to talk them into moving their business!

Jared B, September 2015

I had significant pain in my upper and lower back resulting in lack of sleep etc…had never attended a chiropractor previously and in truth a bit skeptical…However….. Dr. Leasure and team are excellent… totally put mind at ease in first visit, take home exercises to do between sessions were simple and very effective and within 2-3 weeks with 4-5 sessions my symptoms were non existent and could sleep without any pain medication. Continued sessions for another 2-3 weeks to build up core back strength and flexibility….again the exercises and chiro adjustments provided by the team have greatly helped. Highly recommend a visit if you have any degree of back discomfort!!!!

Conor B, September 2015

During the winter of 2014, I fell hard on my left knee and limped for months.  I hesitated visiting a doctor because I could not afford the down time or the hassle.  Finally, the pain was too much and I contacted Dr. Jade at North Shore Pro-Active Health.  After completing her treatment schedule and exercise plan, I was 100% functional.  The particular treatment was painful at first (mainly due to my delay in seeking treatment), but it was worth it to be pain free a short time later.

I had another opportunity to use Dr. Jade’s Services in the summer of 2014.  I had injured my left hand and my little and ring fingers didn’t work.  This time, I was much quicker in contacting Dr. Jade, and as a result, had fewer visits, less pain and 100% recovery.  I returned to Dr.  Jade because of the results that I had seen with her previous treatments and knew that I could trust her and her expertise.

As a self-employed plumber, I can’t afford any downtime, nor can I spend too much time on treatments and therapy that may or may not work.  Dr. Jade Maximized my results using as little of my time as possible.  I could continue to work and did not have to worry about scheduling doctor’s visits.  Her professionalism and willingness to treat whole problems instead of symptoms is why I will continue to visit her, and why I won’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone with similar problems.

Kevin K, December 2014

Going to a Chiropractor for foot issues?  You Bettcha!  Dr. Jade had previously conquered my neck problems so when she told me to schedule for my feet I didn’t hesitate.  She started with Graston treatments, and between that, ultrasound and icing, I am feeling whole again!

Soon I will be able to find myself on the softball field or volleyball court again with any luck at all.  I’m still taking it easy, but I have signed up for my 5K Run/Walk in St. Louis in July during my Scentsy Convention.

If it weren’t for Dr. Jade at North Shore Pro-Active Health, I’d surely be sidelined for the summer!  Thank you Dr. Jade for giving me back the pep in my step!

Laura T, June 2014

I started going to North Shore Chiropractic after many years of suffering from back pain and daily headaches. I gave up on internal medicine when doctors could never seem to figure out how to help me. I decided to take an alternative route and try chiropractic care. I was VERY skeptical but willing to try anything and within my first week of treatment I was pain and headache free no joke!!! I highly recommend seeing Doctors Jordan and Jade Leasure they have worked miracles for me!

Kristin I, May 2014

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